These Programs are Designed for Schools, Non-Profits, & City Programs
Children’s Fun Fitness Program
Fun fitness programs that get kids movin’ and groovin’

Not your typical fitness program, our qualified-instructor-run programs challenge your kids from tots to teens and every skill and coordination level between.

We use jump ropes (normal) and hurdles, ladders, cones (not so normal), together with Hula Hoops®, fabulous kickboxing techniques and all kinds of existential movements to get their blood pumpin’, bodies jumpin’ and put smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts.

We work their bodies to improve coordination, balance, endurance, and confidence in themselves and their abilities to perform. A well-fed, energized body produces a happier, smarter, self-confident person, no matter the age. Studies show kids who are active and get the proper nutrition do better in school, make friends easier and have more confidence in themselves.

Here are the details:

  • Suitable for grades K-8
  • 1-2 hour sessions (1/2 day camps available)
  • Self paced & individually challenging, Well-trained instructors
    • Running
    • Jumping
    • Balance
    • Flexibility
    • Agility
    • FUN!
  • Equipment provided



Train the Trainer Program

Blv in U has created a great training program for non-PE teachers. This program allows organizations to provide an extensive fitness curriculum to their students without adding additional resources. We customize the program to fit the needs of the organization.

Here are the details:

  • 8 week fitness curriculum
  • Easy to Use Manual includes
    • Activities to run an 8 week program
    • 1-5 days a week
    • Perfect for grades K-8
    • In person training for fitness curriculum available
    • Support materials/lesson plans
    • Follow up training/support



Growing Up is Hard to Do :: Stress Management for Kids and Adults Alike

From the fear of being judged, bullied, never finding love, and failing at just about anything, to disappointing their parents/their friends/their teachers, and not living up to expectations, kids of all ages experience stress. At Blv in U, we offer stress management strategies and workshops that explore the causes of stress, its symptoms, effects and easy stress reduction skills that they can learn to use anywhere and at any time.

We also offer a program that has tips, strategies and workshops for adults, ‘cuz we all know, stress doesn’t getting easier as you grow up, but handling it properly should. Our stress reduction tools help your entire family improve concentration, create balance, feel connected and centered, and increase inner peace.