Exercise and activity are just part of your overall health and fitness. You must supply your body with the nutrients it needs in order for it to perform properly. People lacking in proper nutrition have a harder time concentrating, get frustrated easier and have a much more difficult time retaining information. Help your kids do better in school and live happier, healthier lives through good nutrition.

Remember: Good Food = Good Mood.

Blv in U works with children, adult caregivers and parents to inform and educate improving nutrition.


  • Goal is for the children to understand what eating healthy is and find healthy food choices they like
  • Education on healthy food choices
  • Hands on taste testing
  • Alternative snacks that are healthy


  • Goal is for the various adults who interact with the children to understand the benefits of eating well, provide healthy alternatives and be aware of healthy fundraising and party options
  • Healthy snack choices
  • Healthy fundraisers
  • In-school parties


  • Goal is for the parents to understand the benefits of having their children eat well, be aware of healthy snack choices, and ways to eat healthy while still maintaining a reasonable budget
  • Education on healthy food choices
  • Healthy snack choices
  • Ways to minimize cost

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